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Online Application for Tenancy

Whether it’s the urban charm of Brisbane, the quaint sensibilities of Ipswich, or the pristine waters around Redcliffe, there is something in Queensland that will match what you might be looking for in a property.

If you’re interested in any of the rental properties featured on our website, you can apply for tenancy here.

Download Application for Tenancy Form or through the Online Application for Tenancy form below.



Pre-Application Checklist

Thank you for your enquiry regarding our available rental properties in To assist you in the process of applying for a property to lease with our agency, we provide the following information:

Application Process

  • Complete an application form – one per person over 18 years of age
  • Include evidence of your income e.g.
    • Pay slip
    • Accountant letter
    • Centerlink documents +- 3 months of bank statements showing regular deposits
    • Scholarship documents
  • Provide and attach photocopies of documents required to meet 100 points of identification as the guide shows below. Please note this agency cannot provide photocopying services.
Document Points
Driver’s License 40 points
Passport 40 points
18+ Card 40 points
Birth Certificate 30 points
Other Photo ID 30 points
Current Wage Advice 30 points
Document Points
Previous Tenancy Reference 20 points
Previous two rent receipts 20 points
Motor vehicle registration 10 points
Bank Statement 10 points
Telephone Account 10 points
Electricity Account/Gas Account 10 points

Please be aware the Bond Transfers are NOT an option.

Applications that are not complete cannot be processed.

If you require assistance to complete the form, please ask as we are here to help.


Agency Process

As your application is a high priority, we will endeavour to have an answer to you within 24-48 hours, but will advise you if it will be longer due to delays in reaching your contacts. look at this site.

Information verification by our agency

To verify your application information we contact National Tenancy Databases (TICA & NTD). if you have had a problem with a previous tenancy, please discuss the circumstances emergency home solutions and other with us.

If Application is not accepted

If your application is not accepted by the Lessor, it will be retained for 48 hours and then destroyed securely, to comply with Privacy Legislation, check ksatriyasangam.

Rent payment method options

Bank Cheque & Bpay facilities are accepted as rent payment methods.



If Approved, Arrange The Following Services

Either complete our Agency Utility Connection Form available from Reception or arrange personally the following services as applicable:

  • Power Connection
  • Gas Connection (if applicable)
  • Phone Connection
  • Contents Insurance (arrange personally)
  • Change address (for existing accounts and services)


We look forward to receiving your application.

Application for Tenancy

(to be completed by all adult applicants and unaccompanied minors over 16 years of age)

To assist in preparing for your move, please find a link to a helpful moving in checklist below.

Download Moving In Checklist here.

    Premises Details

    Applicant's Details

    Applicant History

    Landlord/Agent Details of this Property

    Landlord/Agent Details of this Property

    Applicant's Employment
    (NOTE: If either occupation is self employment please provide a statement of income from your accountant or tax returns)

    Emergency Contact
    (NOTE: This contact must reside at an address other than the Applicant)

    This information is required in case we need to contact you as a matter of urgency arising from your tenancy and your normal contact details are not responding.


    Full name/s of adults and unaccompanied minor/s to reside on the Premises (Anyone over 18 must complete an application form)


    Use of Premises

    (If additional terms and conditions are being requested via this application please use space provided)


    Evidence of Income
    (Either 3 of your latest payslips or a bank statement for the last 3 months if on government assisted payments)

    100 Points Document List
    (0 points)


    (Please sign using your mouse/phone/tablet on the space below)

    NB Upon acceptance of this application bond of 4 weeks rent is to be paid IN FULL within 24 hours in order that the premises is removed from advertisement to other prospective Tenants. 2 weeks rent to be paid at the time that the keys are collected

    Terms of Application

    The Applicant declares:

    1. that all the above details are true and correct
    2. that the Agent is authorised to cross reference relevant detail against the listed references and check through any reference check organisation that the Agent may be affiliated with
    3. not to be bankrupt or insolvent

    I/We the Applicant/s offer to rent the Premises from the owner under a Residential Tenancy Agreement drawn up by the Agent, and pay the amount listed on Application for Tenancy upon the signing of a Residential Tenancy Agreement by Bank Cheque. Such funds to be cleared funds prior to occupancy.

    Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 - COLLECTION NOTICE

    The Agent will only use and disclose personal information provided by the Applicant as part of the tenancy application (whether verbal or written) to verify the Applicant’s identity, and to process and evaluate the application. As part of the verification process the Agent, without limitation, may: disclose to, and obtain from, those people named in the application, information about the Applicant in order to check the accuracy of information provided in the tenancy application and in order to determine whether the Applicant is an appropriate tenant for the property; and disclose to, and obtain from, third party operators of tenancy reference databases, information about the Applicant for the purpose of searching those databases for details about the Applicant.

    If the application is successful, personal information collected about the Applicant in the tenancy application, in the tenancy agreement, and during the course of the tenancy, may be used by the Agent, and disclosed to third parties, (including to the landlord, other agents, potential buyers of the tenanted property, valuers requiring access to the premises for inspection, government and statutory bodies, insurance companies, body corporates, furniture rental companies and to trades people maintaining and repairing the tenant property) as necessary to manage the tenancy relationship and tenanted property

    If the Applicant enters into the tenancy agreement, but fails to comply with its obligations under that agreement, that fact and other relevant personal information collected about the Applicant may be disclosed to the landlord, third party operators of tenancy reference databases, insurance companies, debt collectors and/or other agents.

    If the Applicant has their application declined all relevant supporting documents and the said application will be destroyed within 48 hours if not collected in person by the Applicant.

    If the Applicant would like to access any personal information which the Agent holds about the Applicant, it can do so by contacting our office at The Agent may refuse access to such information in the limited circumstances provided for in the Privacy Act. The Agent will charge the Applicant a fee of $50.00 to provide the requested access.

    The Agent will take all reasonable steps to correct any personal information held by the Agent about the Applicant which the Applicant shows to be inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date. If the information described in the tenancy application is not provided, the Agent may refuse to accept and process the application.

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    This real estate agency uses the software of InspectRealEstate (IRE) to collect this information. Both organisations use and disclose the information to provide property-seeking related services to you and third parties. IRE uses facilities that may store the information overseas. For further information and IRE's contact details, read the IRE Privacy Policy. The real estate agency may deal with information in ways not covered by IRE's privacy policy. Check the real estate agency's website for its privacy policy. By submitting your details with this form, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this statement and the IRE Privacy Policy.

    To assist in preparing for your move, please find a link to a helpful moving in checklist below.

    Download Moving In Checklist here.